L'entraînement naturel

3 basic principles

Physical culture

through the use of natural gestures to acquire integral physical development

Culture of action

by working on real obstacles (courage, will, resistance, composure…)

Ethical culture

by teamwork and open to others (mutual aid, collective work, altruislme…) Learn more

10 exercise families


The race


Climb it

The jump


Lifting it

The launch



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15 principles of enforcement

The principles are presented here in three categories depending on the person most directly concerned, in order to facilitate memorization. In reality, the monitor remains the main actor of the respect of all the principles, assisted by the "leaders of waves".

The practitioner

  • Freedom of action
  • Flexibility of execution
  • Speed and address
  • Enjoy the air, water and light
  • Let joy express itself

The wave leader

  • Correct attitude and ample breathing
  • Individualization
  • Culture of action qualities
  • Cultivating emulation and self-emulation
  • Culture of altruism through example and incitement to lentraide, to solidarity

The monitor

  • Warm-up and return to calm
  • Continuity of work
  • Alternation of opposing efforts
  • Gradation of the intensity of the efforts
  • Correction of the weak points of each

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To easily synthesize and define the Method, retain:


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3 Principles – 10 Families – 15 Rules