L'entraînement naturel

Natural development

Since the dawn of time, there has been a way of working that suits the perfect development of any human being or animal and that ensures their complete and harmonious development: it is the one that is based on displacement and is embellished with varied and utilitarian efforts. It allows them to be able to move fast and far while overcoming obstacles encountered in their path. A cheetah or bird, apply this principle instinctively. They are perfectly developed and we have never seen them attend a gym. Man is no exception to the rule and is able to achieve his complete development simply by respecting this principle. But, no longer being guided nowadays by his instinct, he must work methodically.

Natural activity or work

Our body is naturally made to walk, run, jump, climb, carry, throw defend or swim. No need to re-invent the world: So it is enough to train naturally … walking, running, jumping, climbing, etc. And this, without disguising the gestures artificially, by breaking them down by piece, by portion of body, by using repetition or exaggerated level. It is also necessary to produce an amount of work or energy expenditure equivalent to that of a day in its natural state. If one of the above two necessities is lacking, development will be more or less hindered.


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Land, the basis of physical fitness

The basis of development, the one that will participate in the proper functioning of the organism and keep it healthy, is land development. Exercises involving cardiopulmonary functions are therefore a priority. In other words, travel in all its forms will be privileged. The main thing is to produce, above all, a sufficient nature and quantity of work. Exercises carried out on site, especially in the confined air of a room, would be the opposite of a natural practice. Built around this idea of a land base on which skills and capacities are built, the various activities constituting the Natural Method are classified into 10 families. Discover the 10 exercise families