L'entraînement naturel

There is no entity or federation, except in Belgium, to count or group the various channels of dissemination or implementation of the Natural Method. Hence the difficulty of producing a real recencement. On the map below, you will nevertheless find the different entities known or listed to date, and which can therefore not be exhaustive. During Georges Hébert's lifetime, hundreds of independent centres, both in France and abroad, created on the initiative of people convinced by the Natural Method, were spontaneously entitled "Hébert". Georges Hébert did not benefit from it; He had the ambition that the Natural Method be disseminated as widely as possible for the greater good of all and would have liked it to be practiced and taught in school because, and we quote him:

"Education is a school work: it is up to the masters to carry it out." The message is still relevant.

The Georges Hébert Association will ensure that those who, in one way or another, refer to, draw inspiration from or claim to be inspired by the work of Georges Hébert clearly indicate their source and respect its spirit. The Hébert centers They are centers created on personal initiatives by convinced of the Natural Method. They are maintained and managed by volunteers. The "health" or "sports" courses These are obstacle courses, open to all, generally made available by the municipalities; The practice is free but their optimal use requires a minimum of knowledge of the Natural Method. Especially since the quality of the courses is very variable. Only someone from these routes are listed here, and in France only. The map is therefore very incomplete. You can let us know which routes you would like to see included by contacting us. The tracks (or trails) of hebertism These are courses in the trees or on the ground, in Canada, which are called "trail or trail of hebertism" and which are for the most part centers of profit. Movements inspired by hebertism For 15 to 20 years, both in France and abroad, we have witnessed the rise of new movements inspired by or derived from hebertism. Scouts Several Scout organizations use hebertism; It is obviously impossible to show all the troops on a map. So we only indicate their website. State institutions Are the state institutional training centers in which the Natural Method is taught. Places of memory or homage In Reims, a stele marks one of the high places of hebertism. Elsewhere, various public places bearing the name of Georges Hébert (Stadium, swimming pool, gymnasium, Avenue, street, etc.), also pay tribute to the latter. You are passionate about the Method, a practitioner, amateur, teacher, coach, historian, student, animator or director of center or club etc., you wish to participate in the dissemination of hebertism: Contact us