L'entraînement naturel

Training in hebertism

The general objective of Georges Hébert was (and is all the more relevant today) to give men, women and children, increasingly disoriented by the consequences of an artificial life: A HEALTH SOURCE OF JOY – HEALTHY HABITS – AN IDEAL OF LIFE Hébertism is therefore a complete system of education allowing:

  • To acquire integral physical development and abilities in all fundamental areas,
  • To develop the energy and mental qualities of the action,
  • To cultivate an ethical and altruistic spirit.

Training courses are offered, in France, to become a Level 1 Instructor. As an indication, you will find access to the website of the Belgian Federation of Hebertism (Sport'nat) which offers different training. Instructor Training in France Training in Belgium

Who is the instructor training for?

  • Educators and sports coaches,
  • Child animators,
  • Sports teachers,
  • Volunteer supervisors.

And more generally to all those who are interested in the education of young and old.

What are the prerequisites?

  • PSC1 or other first aid diploma,
  • Medical fitness to practice and teach physical activity

What are the objectives of level 1 training?

  • Know the fundamentals of the method,
  • Appropriate the Hebertist pedagogy,
  • Design and facilitate sessions,
  • Develop your reference system of natural movements.

How do I get the Level 1 certificate?

  • Follow the training week in its entirety,
  • Validate the evaluation MCQ,
  • Create, facilitate and self-evaluate at least 10 sessions within 6 months.

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