L'entraînement naturel

The "Georges Hébert Foundation" is an "endowment fund" responsible for seeking funds in order to give the association the necessary means to implement its main actions:

  • Build and structure the training of educators,
  • Train educators,
  • Finance the intervention of educators in schools or children's leisure centres,
  • Promote the creation of local associations for the practice of the Natural Method.

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Georges Hébert Foundation's projects for 2021 -2023

Funding educator training

In order to be able to disseminate the practice of the Method, an increasing number of monitors should be able to take ownership of the Method. If it is unfortunately still far away the time when each village or each school will have its monitor, it is urgent to train them quickly.

In order to limit the cost of training for candidate instructors, the "Georges Hébert Foundation" wishes to cover 30% of the cost of each of them, i.e. 300 €.

Support for the creation of a Centre

The "Hébert Center" (place of practice of the Natural Method) having largely disappeared in France, the "Georges Hébert Foundation" wishes to support any creation of associative center by providing management tools, communication and financial participation to ensure the first months of activities.



Tax advantages related to sponsorship for companies, and for individuals (Articles 200 and 238 bis of the General Tax Code):

  • Companies that make donations to an endowment fund can benefit from a tax reduction of up to 60% of the amount of the payments, up to a limit of 5% of turnover,
  • Individuals who make donations to an endowment fund benefit from an income tax reduction (IRPP) equal to 66% of the amount of the sums paid, up to a limit of 20% of taxable income,
  • Donations and legacies made for the benefit of endowment funds are exempt from transfer duties (Article 795, 14 ° of the General Tax Code).

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