L'entraînement naturel

The Georges Hébert Association was created in 1981 by Régis Hébert, son of Georges Hébert, to ensure the dissemination and protection of the spirit of his father's work. It continues its action today under the action of many volunteers including 2 of georges Hébert's grandsons. Based on the observation that:

  • The principle of the Natural Method is only the fruit of an evidence of the laws of nature for physical development;
  • Its application and pedagogy are simple;
  • Its results have clearly established, for more than a century now, its ability to bring everyone to full possession of their abilities and to keep it there;
  • The Natural Method has an educational dimension that encompasses the development of human qualities and actions;
  • It is adaptable to all environments and all ages, women as well as men or children, the able-bodied and the less able-bodied.

the association wishes to spread to the great number of people the spirit and values of the Method so that its practice can spread to all environments. The Natural Method allowing everyone to access what the World Health Organization (WHO) defines as "one of the fundamental rights of every human being: the possession of the best state of health that he is able to achieve", the goal is as beautiful as it is ambitious… The Georges Hébert association (law 1901) is non-profit. Contact us

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